Niko Tiainen is a Finland based Multidisciplinary artist, specialised on outdoor interactive projection mappings and video-, light- and sound installations.

He has a degree in classical music and composing,  graphic design and he is a post graduate student in Aalto-University studying a Masters Degree in New Media Design and Production (graduating on spring 2022)

His installations  often uses conceptual ideas and abstract procedural materials with a mix of classical music structures.

His artworks have been part of exhibitions and art festivals over 20 different countries, e.g. Ars Electronica (Linz, 2020), Light box New York -gallery (N.Y.C, 2020), Neo Shibya Gallery (Tokio, 2021).

WOrks / Resume


2019 – 2023  Aalto University, Master´s degree in New Media Design and Production (on going)

2016 – 2017  Metropolia – University of Applied Science, SÄPE – Music theory and composing

2014 – 2016  AEL -Adult Education Center, Graphic design

2014 – 2015  HUMAK – University of Applied Science, Producing

2003 – 2010  Savonia – University of Applied Science, Department of Music, Bachelor of Arts, pianoteacher

2005 – 2007  JAMK –  University of Applied Science, Pedagogical studies

2007  Grieg Academy, Department of Music, University of Bergen, Classical piano and Harpsichord

Exhibitions and installations

2022 Pazite festival, A/V -live, Topolcany (Slovakia)

2022 Kvantum Festival, Interactive sound installation, Topolcany (Slovakia)

2022 Live Performers meeting, A/V -live, Rome (Italy)

2022 Kesärauha festival, interactive light- and sound installation, Turku

2022 Mercedes Benz, EQE launch -venue, interactive multi sensory projection, Helsinki

2022 Digital Graffiti Festival, Audiovisual projection mapping, Florida (USA)

2022 Digital Extravaganza, Audiovisual projection mapping, Dubai (UAE)

2022 Foreign Corresponde, 1-channel video artwork, New York (USA)

2022 Porvoon Valot -light festival, Audio visual water curtain projection, Porvoo

2022 JCDeaux X-gallery, 1-channel video artwork, Helsinki and Espoo

2022 Dream Light communal art project (4-channel projection mapping, Eura

2022 Lumen -light festival, interactive sound, laser and video installation, Rauma

2022 Vuojoen Kartano, 2-channel sound reactive projection mapping, Eurajoki


2021 Neo Shibya Tv, 1-channel projection, Tokio (Japan)

2021 Intervals -festival, projection mapping (group artwork) Nevski Novgorod (Russia)

2021 Bomba Videofestival, 1-channel video artwork, Moscow (Russia)

2021 Minute_Mapp -festival, 3-channel projection mapping, Montreal (Canada)

2021 Cosmolight -festival, projection mapping, Kavala (Greece)

2021 I Guara Mapping Festival, projection mapping, Guara (Brazil)

2021 CopyPlanet exhibition, 1-channel video installation, Bali (Indonesia)

2021 City Of Light -festival, 2-channel interactive projection mapping, Jyväskylä

2021 Aaltoja -light festival, 2-channel interactive projection mapping, Kotka

2021 ARS108 -group exhibition, interactive projection mapping, Nokia

2021 Kesärauha festival, 2-channel interactive projection mapping, Turku

2021 Lumen -light festival, Projection mapping, Rauma

2021 New Year´s lights -venue, Projection mapping, Kangasala


2020 Creative Code Festival, ”Ephyra”, 1-channel video installation, New York

2020 Christmas projection, ”Himmeli”, projection mapping, Porvoo

2020 Christmas projection, ”Joulutalot”, projection mapping, Puumala

2020 Valotori -project vol.2, Communal art project and projection mapping, Kangasala

2020 Sparkling Night, -venue, projection mapping, Rauma

2020 Eurajoki Bel Canto, R.Wagner ”Parsifal”, Projection mapping, Eurajoki

2020 Suvelan Basaari, ”MODUS_0” -generative projection mapping, Espoo

2020 ARS ELECTRONICA -festival, ”Hamistagan” – new media installation cooperation with KONVOLV_ -collective, Linz (Austria)

2020 A_K_7_V, 7-veljestä 150-years3D-Projection mapping, Nurmijärvi

2020 Vuojoen Kartano,”POESIA”3D-Projection mapping, Eurajoki

2020 SUMONART -light festival, Projection mapping, Jakarta (Indonesia)

2020 Expanding Narratives -exhibition, 1-channel video- and sound installation, Aalto-University, Espoo

2020 Flux Island -exhibition, Video installation

2020 ACSEE -light festival,  Projection mapping, Datong (China)

2020 LUX Helsinki / LLUX360, Interactive projection mapping, Helsinki


2019 Valotori -project, Communal art project and projection mapping, Kangasala

2019 Sastamala maisemissa -project, interactive projection mapping, Sastamala

2019 LIFT HELSINKI, VJ, Helsinki

2019 VALOPOLKU light festival, Video installation, Tampere

2019 Kiev Light Festival, 3D projection mapping, Kiova (Ukraine)

2019 Alhgrenista Wirtaseen -exhibition,Video art work, Sastamala

2019 Art Fair Suomi / Kallio Brewery bar,Video art work, with t2+r -collective, Helsinki

2019 #ÄläJäädy -venue, Audiovisual projection mapping, with t2+r -collective, Tampere


2018 Satujuna-asema, Permanent audiovisual installation, Suomen kirjamuseo Pukstaavi, Sastamala

2018 Satujuna, Permanent audiovisual installation, Suomen kirjamuseo Pukstaavi, Sastamala

2018 PLAY, Interactice video artist, with t2+r -collective, Finnlayson TR5 -gallery, Tampere

2018 Tampereen Valoviikot, Audiovisual projection mapping, with t2+r -collective, Tampere

2018 SYKE, Audiovisual projection mapping, with t2+r -collective, Sastamala

2018 Manhattan Structures, Photography exhibition, Galleria Ansa Puntalo, Sastamala


2017 Joulu saapuu Sastamalaan-Projection mapping, Partnos Oy, Sastamala

2017 Tyrvään Pappilan avajaiset-Projection mapping, Partnos Oy, Sastamala

2016 Manhattan Structures, Photography exhibition, Jaatsi – gallery, Sastamala

2015 Manhattan Structures, Photography exhibition,  Kipinä -gallery, Kirkkonummi

2014 Manhattan Structures, Photography exhibition, KlausK -gallery , Helsinki

2013 COLORS, Photography exhibition, Art Bar Kuka, Turku

2012 Ten Days In New York, Photography exhibition, Art Cafe Babylon, Kirkkonummi

2011 Water 2, Photography exhibition, Linsdtröm Invest Oy, Helsinki

2011 Water, Photography exhibition, Swimming hall, Kirkkonummi

2011 Kotipaikkana Masala, Group exhibition, Masala

2011 Helsinki Late Hours, Photography exhibition, Art bar Pikku-Vallila, Helsinki

2009 European Kaleidoscope, Group exhibition, Copenhagen

2007 Family of Man – Connecting cultures, Group exhibition, Luxenburg


2021 Arts Promotion Center Finland, grant for artistic development, 2000€

2021 Arts Promotion Center Finland, grant for artistic development, 6000€

2018 The Finnish Cultural Foundation / Pirkanmaan rahasto, grand for #Valo#Graffiti -project, cooperation with city of Tampere and t2+r -collective. 20 000€

2018 City of Sastamala, grand for audiovisual new media art work. 1 000€

2016 The Finnish Cultural Foundation / Pirkanmaan rahasto, Grand for ”Le Petite Barogue” -audiovisual theatre play for children, cooperation with Elina Tiainen. 10 000€